the principles that shape the Rocketeer MX5 Philosophy

Design is a process of compromises. The trick is to make the right compromises for the right reasons, and not to compromise on what’s most important.

Mainstream manufacturers make a myriad of trade-offs during the creation of a new product. The inevitable balance between cost, quality, volume, legislation, safety, security, emissions, style, engineering, ergonomics, not to mention profit. These compromises have led many to see a deficit of charm and character in today’s vehicles. Competent as the products undoubtedly are, they are almost too competent. The plethora of driver aids is further and further detaching the driver from the visceral and analogue enjoyable driving experience.


To every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.

Rocketeer is a reaction to the mainstream. A pursuit of the pure and soulful instead of the anodyne; visceral and simple instead of detached and complex.

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