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It is a simple idea, almost as old as the motor car itself, take something great and make it ‘better’. That is not to suggest the MX5 isn’t as good as it can be; it is but for a broad market.

Rocketeer takes the MX5 platform in a new direction creating a particular niche of automotive experience previously unavailable.

Since its inception, the MX5 has punched well above its weight and is ranked alongside far more exotic hardware for driving pleasure honours among journalists. Most agree that the MX5 modest power is not a distraction from its capabilities; however, few would argue that it couldn’t benefit from a bit more!

Forced induction offers a viable answer to this; indeed the stock MX5 lump was in fact designed for just that, and it naturally responds well to such adaptation. Rocketeer takes a more radical and exotic approach: an entire heart (and soul) transplant.