Pure, Unfiltered, Analogue Our Vision

Tailored, artisanal Sports Cars focused on the driving experience. Pure. Unfiltered. Analogue.

We elevate driving essence—transcending platforms for a symphony of performance. The MX5 platform, chosen for its excellence, is our starting point. Yet, it's not a constraint but a canvas for boundless creativity, leaving room to explore other marques in the pursuit of driving perfection.

It’s a simple idea, almost as old as the motor car itself. As Sir Henry Royce once said, “Take the best of what’s available, and make it better. When it does not exist, design it”. Rocketeer takes the Mazda MX5, arguably the world’s best handling sports car and elevates it to an entirely new level.

We design and engineer a previously unseen level of performance and driving enjoyment.

Since its inception, the MX5 has punched well above its weight and is ranked for driving pleasure alongside far more exotic and expensive vehicles. Most agree that the MX5’s modest power is not a distraction from its capabilities. However, few would argue that it couldn’t benefit from a bit more!

Forced induction offers a possible answer to this, but Rocketeer takes a more radical and exotic approach: an entire heart (and soul) transplant.

About right About right About right
It's a complete dynamic delight John Simister, Autocar Magazine
It's fast - probably Porsche Boxster S fast - but completely old school, in a way that sports cars just aren't any more.... Total MX-5 magazine
One of the best soundtracks I’ve heard from a car in years Antony Ingram, EVO
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