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Turn-key MXV6 customer testimonial

08 July 2018 Turn-key MXV6 customer testimonial

My story begins with the article in Autocar, which made me ring Bruce, and pay my deposit all in quick succession. Mine was to be the first Turnkey, as I am no mechanic, and liked the reassurance of it being done by the professionals. - I am certainly glad I went that route, as there were some issues along the way, just niggles, which Bruce kept me in touch with, and dealt with in his cheery and professional manner.

My car was handed over to me at Basingstoke Station on 26 May, and has been back with me for nearly a month now. I have been to two shows, YoungTimers at Gawsworth Hall, and Tatton Hall, both times getting loads of attention. In my MX5 club, two members are going to do the conversion, one already having purchased his engine on EBay.

The car is phenomenal, the sound of the engine, the torque, the power, the acceleration. I have great fun when out and about, as it shocks drivers in cars that just don’t expect to be blown away by an MX5. - A Porsche Boxster was given a real shock!

I can’t praise Bruce and Tom highly enough, as they kept me up to date with developments, and have been on hand since, responding to queries straight away, making the whole experience very satisfying.


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