Build Option Restomod

Available for Mk1, Mk2 and Mk3 MX5s

A full, ground up restoration of a Mk1 or Mk2 MX5 and an expression of the client’s own personality seen through colour, materials and finishes.

A Rocketeer RestoMod is an expression of the client’s own personality - a bespoke, hand crafted sports car to their exact requirements. GT, roadster, daily driver or track day weapon, with every detail poured over by our engineers and the client to deliver the ultimate usable performance car to their exacting requirements. Depending on the specification, the build can take up to a year and the client is at the heart of the process, from mechanical specification to co-curating the colour and materials in standard or one-off palettes and hues. The client frequently visits our development and production facility, seeing their individual creation being hand crafted or to witness the testing of their hand built engine on the dynometer.

Call us to discuss how we can bring your dream build to life, and we’ll make it happen.


Restomod Project Video Diary

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