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Design is a process of compromises. The trick is to make the right compromises for the right reasons.

Mainstream manufacturers and the marketing machines that guide them, have an unimaginable number of trade-off decisions to make during the creation of a new product. The inevitable (and of course valid) pursuit for the precarious balance between cost, quality, volume, legislation, safety, security, emissions, style, engineering, ergonomics etc etc. Not to mention profit. Which is leading to a deficit of charm and character in their offerings. Competent as the products undoubtedly are. Almost too competent. Performance they offer is other worldly and inaccessible on a public road. The plethora of driver aid technology is further and further detaching the driver from the visceral and analogue experience of actually driving. Autonomous cars are already a reality.

There is a tuning ‘sub culture’ which demonstrates clearly the human need to create. To imagine and dream. To experiment and build. To mend, modify, upgrade or improve. It’s why we played with Lego as children; it’s why some are forever changing their perfectly good hi-fi equipment in pursuit of a better sound; it’s why we take things apart without being able to put them back together; it’s why there is a kit car market and why grownups play with model trains. And it should all be celebrated.


To every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.

Rocketeer is fundamentally about a reaction to the mainstream. A pursuit of the pure and soulful instead of the anodyne. Accessible instead of opaque. Visceral and simple instead of detached and complex.

The name Rocketeer is intended to embody the creative and adventurous spirit associated with the need in every car enthusiast to do something different.

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It's a complete dynamic delight John Simister, Autocar Magazine
It's fast - probably Porsche Boxster S fast - but completely old school, in a way that sports cars just aren't any more.... Total MX-5 magazine
One of the best soundtracks I’ve heard from a car in years Antony Ingram, EVO

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